Introduction to electromagnetic fields and to next chapter (§4.14)
Subatomic particles even though small are exclusively gravitational and electrical fields (§4.1). When a number of subatomic particles of one kind only, let say electrons only, are forced together through contingencies independent of their will, in further specific conditions they do compound their individual graded activities to make larger fields.

The next chapter provides gravimotion’s interpretation of so called electromagnetic fields.
It turns out that it is easier to describe the structures of these fields, even though that is a description not done in physics, than to explain the effects of these fields, which is done in physics!
The constitution of these fields is a direct consequence of their origin, which are:
  1. An electric field originates out of a number of electrical particles protons or electrons, yet all at rest as defined in gravimotion (§1.9). The electric field is implemented in terms of motion-occurrences in section §5.1.
  2. A magnetic field originates out of those very same electrical particles above, yet set in a constant motion, with respect to the same state of rest above. Magnetic fields are implemented in terms of motion-occurrences in sections §5.2 to §5.4.
  3. Finally electromagnetic fields originate out of an electrical current while it is now either increased or decreased that is through a variable current.
    Electromagnetic fields, which are nothing else than light and all electromagnetic waves at large, are also produced through acceleration and deceleration of magnetic fields.
    Electromagnetic fields are implemented in terms of motion-occurrences in sections §5.5.