A diversion about nothingness and infinity (§4.11)
Nothingness is given substance within our human thinking (§4.11.1)
The words: naught, void, nothingness, empty, vacuum, null, none and zero, have all specific mental meanings; for example the word empty is associated to a volume; zero is a mathematical number.
And to corroborate, physics famous experiments of Michelson Morley and mathematical equations dating 1890 prove that space is empty; to use the language of the time, there is no "aether"; space is empty.
Space is nothing and that justify scientifically our concept of nothingness.
Our mental image of nothingness is always defined in terms of physical entities (§4.11.2)
Trying to define our human concept of nothingness, I discovered that, strangely enough, it is always linked to something that exists.
The concept of nothingness is always related to a beginning or an end of something physical; anything that begins, per definition, is not preceded by itself, and as such is preceded by nothingness.
As an example the universe started with a big bang and before there was nothing; and nothing can be calculated before big bang as time did not even exist.

In any case nothingness has to be defined in terms of physical entities, there is no alternative..
For instance nothingness cannot be defined as being nothing, as being involves always something; the expression being nothing, which seemingly provides consistency to nothingness, is nonsense.

Our human concept of nothingness is before or after or beyond the existence of anything that exists; and it applies to our own body, most importantly nothingness preceded our own thinking.
For each one of us, nothingness preceded our thinking process.
In the end our mental concept of nothingness originates within our human brain (§4.11.3)
Because my very thinking process had a beginning at birth, because that thinking of mine was nil before I was born, I conclude that that conviction about nothingness of mine is carnal integration to my brain.
Or look at it this way, if we human beings had been infinite instead of mortals, the concept of nothingness would never have come to our minds.
Reality does not include nothingness (§4.11.4)
Now in spite of our conviction, the following question has to be faced and answered: does that mental nothingness has a colateral in reality?
The answer is an evident no; per definition nothingness is not!
As a matter of fact, while space has been proven in the 1890's to be empty (that is non existing) that very same space has been since found instead to be full of frantic energy in quantum physics.
And the claim section
Subject §4.10 extract:
Protons and electrons electrical constitution; acclivity and declivity
In gravimotion the number "0" doesn't exist.
While gravimotion's graded-activity replaces both physics' electric charge and field, another major point must be mentioned! Whereas in physics positive and negative charges are referred to "0" that is to nothing, gravimotion's graded activity is referred to something that is pure-activity!
that triggered this page, and which is that "0" is a mathematical number devoid of any physical collateral is in line with such simple logic.

In short, in spite of our mental conviction about nothingness, it doesn't exist elsewhere than in our thoughts; and that kicks back annoyingly, the number 0 as well as the negative numbers prevent science's mathematics from making a true image of reality in our minds.
Infinity is the only alternative (§4.11.5)
I am enticed to think that to start with my own thinking should not exist! My own brain and body should not exist; and because along conventional thinking the universe had a beginning too (it came out of nothing), there should be no universe! Amazingly Nature provides a solution that is altogether candid, evident and elegant.
Consider the present moment; that moment is finite as occurring, or as being temporary and not nil, yet that present moment, because it has no beginning and no end, is at same time infinite!

The mental concept of infinity, so contrary to our thinking, occurs physically right now under our very eyes; not only that but both our human concepts of infinity and of finite make one in the present moment. While incompatible within our minds, the infinite and the finite make one in the physical world (that is outside our minds).
Because it has no beginning and no end, the reality of the present moment, which is nevertheless a finite entity, is constantly flowing within the infinite.

And that sheds light on our body, brain and thinking mind; the fact of the matter is that our brain, which is the support of our thoughts, is but a temporary assembly occurring as a formation of subatomic particles; and these subatomic particles that constitute our brain and those that run our thoughts, were roaming around within the infinite present before our birth took place.
The present moment, which includes all the subatomic particles that constitute our own body and brain and all that surrounds us and beyond, abolishes that belief engraved in our human minds that anything finite is preceded by nothing. In the end proving the evidence (that somehow we are refuting) that nothingness is not.

In spite of the fact that our thinking process started at birth and will likely stop at death, many of us human beings are convinced that that very thinking process will outlive the human body; I think that that belief may be linked to the fact that the subatomic particles, which make our body and brain, are infinite, or that our body and mind are integral part of the infinite present.
The physical yet finite entity that is our thinking brain is intricately entangled with the infinite present; our thinking ability is integral part of the present!
In this last section (titled: Infinity is the only alternative) I am using the word moment extensively, which conventional definition is a very short time duration; yet time is not part of gravimotion's interpretation of Nature and the word time is avoided; on the other hand the present moment occurs under the form of physical mo(ve)ment in gravimotion.
Note 1: I first published this page May 28 2012.
Finally on March 2014, a scientist decided to tackle physics huge controversy that space is at same time absolutely empty and full of frantic energy!
Watch that video proposed by American Scientific on March 13 2014:
Physicists explanation on how something can come out of nothing!
In the end, in science space is empty and not empty at same time... worse empty space created itself now full of quantum jitter!

Candidly, to me that makes no sense; that is another incomprehensible duality scientists forgive themselves with so easily!
As shown in this page, I personally cling to infinity; a scenario, which while unconventional, has the advantage to be less controversial (in my opinion)!
Note 2: I think physics' mathematical concept "0" (zero), along with all negative numbers, are among the factors preventing our human minds to make a true image of reality out of physics mathematics.
Please do not get me wrong though; this is not a critic of science! The primary goal of science is to make new discoveries and predictions; getting a true image of reality is secondary in science.
Gravimotion goal, by contrast, is to elaborate a true image of reality and along the way to make sense (when possible) of science's mathematics!