7. Gravimotion's Predictions
Gravimotion's predictions concerning matter (§7.1)
A prediction within gravimotion's interpretation of Nature is that our body weight varies along the day.
The variation is due to the fact that our body’s part of gravimotion consequential to earth’s spin gets reversed in direction twice a day with respect to that other part of our body’s gravimotion and consequential to our motion around the sun.

Another prediction inherent to gravimotion's interpretation of Nature and concerning matter is that the Higgs boson does not exist, because matter is made of motion and not of mass as conceived in physics.
Evidently there is the possibility that a substitute to mass might be discovered and measured very accurately, just as we measure time that has never been proven to exist!
And that apparently occurred as of July 4 2012, when scientists at CERN announced they discovered a new particle, which they believe (at a high degree of confidence) coincides to the Higgs boson.
In fact the Higgs has been "found" as being a specific level of "energy" rather than inert mass; "mass" instead of being "inert" as in Newton's equations, suddenly turned into "energy" (the anti-entity of inertia) with Einstein famous equation.
Let's face it, even in physics science, our human concepts of mass and its corollary inertia do not exist!

The closer to the proton is an electron, the lower is its energy level in science of physics representation of Bohr's atom. Concurrently the higher the energy level of an electron the larger is its orbital, which allows its falling back or jumping to a lower energy level in physics.
Gravimotion predicts instead that the more energetic electrons are closer to the nucleus, which is in contradiction with all conventional models of Bohr's atom energy levels.
First, gravimotion's model fits the wavelengths emitted, as the shorter the orbits the shorter the wavelength and the higher the energy of the emitted electromagnetic wave.
Then gravimotion's model has the great advantage to fit Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which states that the closer an electron is to the nucleus of the atom the more energetic it is.
Bohr's representation of the atom is in direct contradiction with physics Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which principle is the guarantee in physics that the electron doesn't fall onto the proton!

And a prediction of gravimotion about "live body of matter" (plants and animals) is that life is a specific, and un-deciphered by man, occurrence of motion. Maxwell deciphered the chaotic motion of molecules coinciding to our concept of temperature. No scientist yet unveiled the motion format, through which according to gravimotion, is occurring the phenomenon of life.
Gravimotion predictions concerning the universe (§7.2)
In gravimotion's interpretation of motion, the Universe has no beginning and no end, and is replaced by the infinite present.
The Doppler effect works both ways, the universe could as well implode on itself, the observations would be the same. We would, through some mechanism unveiled yet, be receding from distant galaxies rather than these galaxies receding from us.
First and up until July 2009 the universe was thought to implode in gravimotion; simply because the accelerated motion of an imploding universe matches gravitation's (integral part of the universe) own accelerated motion.
But on July 12 2009 I thought of a much more elegant interpretation of the observed red shift, and that is a gravitation induced frequency shift, which is well known in physics.
All in all in gravimotion the universe, while made of motion, is not expanding!
In gravimotion the universe is renewing itself in motion rather than expanding.
The universe is no longer interpreted as (inert) space expanding (under the influence of something).
The universe is a finite live entity, none else than the finite present, yet indefinitely renewing itself in motion.
Gravimotion's predictions regarding time (§7.3)
Einstein discovered and predicted both kinetic time dilation and gravity time dilation.
Physically the phenomenon's respectively coincide to the slowing of time with added motion, and to the acceleration of time in altitude.
On the other hand there is no mention (that could be found) of latitude time dilation.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the internal motion mechanism and display of a clock will run slower at the equator than at either pole.
This is because the internal motion mechanism of a clock, in gravimotion, is physically dependent on the clock's overall motion. And because the rotational motion of earth is much more intense at the equator than it is at any of its 2 poles, a clock will be physically running slower at the equator.
Evidently, measures would have to take in account the flattening of earth, which acts as gravitational time dilation.
Using traditional thinking (that is science of physics), this paragraph would be stated as follows: time runs faster at the poles than it does at the equator.
As far as the author knows, nobody yet talked about (or discovered) latitude time dilation.

For the same reason our body weight varies along the day, the time given by a clock varies along the day.
A clock at the equator has opposite directions at 6am and 6pm. In between these 2 specific times the overall motion of the clock either increases or decreases due to the compounding of earth's spin and earth's revolution around the sun; the overall motion of the clock inter-acting onto its own internal motion mechanism, the alleged time provided by the clock will vary along the day accordingly.
Gravimotion's variation of time along the day differs from physics time dilation (even though the underlying phenomenon is the same) in that the clock that provides varying readings along the day (in gravimotion) is physics' reference clock on the ground that is (in physics' mathematics and experiments) not varying!
Repulsive gravitation (§7.4)
Yet another prediction of gravimotion is the existence of repulsive gravitation in Nature.
Repulsive gravitation in gravimotion has nothing to do with physics negative gravitation that would tentatively explain the acceleration of the (alleged) expansion of the universe.
The repulsive gravitation in gravimotion is consequential to the structure of the electron.
Whereas a proton produces an attractive gravitation an electron produces a repulsive gravitation.
This repulsive gravitation is not felt as its effect is in the ratio of physics’ masses of the two particles.
Gravimotion predictions concerning science of physics (§7.5)
Physicists will revoke the interpretation of the Michelson Morley experiments of the 1890's, which assert there is no "aether".
Light rays will be found travelling through an "aether", actually proven to exist by physicists themselves in the quantum theory under the name of quantum vacuum or quantum jitter.
As a consequence, physicists will have to modify the mathematical interpretation of the photon given by Einstein, as to make its total energy decrease with distance while keeping its frequency unchanged (over distance). The photon, as of now, has a constant energy expressed by the formula E = hν, which does not involve distance.
Light particle/wave duality will then be merged into unity; physics light duality will fade with time just as light fades with distances.
And as another consequence, physicists will have to recognize that the atom rather than being a metaphysical oddity, has instead a physical constitution, while remaining under quantic jurisdiction.
See physical subatomic transmitters and beacons do substantiate Bohr’s quantic energy levels.
Gravimotion findings about quantum indeterminism and non-locality (§7.6)
Gravomotion's interpretation of the atom (link above) leads straight into abolishing quantum indeterminism.
Click: There is a cause, which justify the statistical behavior of entangled pairs of particles.