Mass is not!

Mass is an invention of our human minds!
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Gravimotion is an interpretation of physics mathematics that departs from the conventional interpretation;
Physics mathematics remains as is in gravimotion.

Neither a writer nor a physicist, the author of this essay follows its own imagination.

The definitions of mass

  1. The word mass designates a body of matter viewed from the outside, such as in: a building of great mass.
    The word mass in this context extends to non-material entities as in: a mass of errors.
  2. But mass also defines a material body as viewed from the inside.
    In that case it is associated to the hardness of a rock, and also to the weight of our own body.
    In the science of physics the concept of mass takes specific identities that are called: inertial mass and gravitational mass.
    • Inertial mass maintains the uniform motion of a body (Newton first law), but inertial mass is also the resistance a material body offers to acceleration and deceleration (Newton's second law).
    • Gravitational mass is the measure of the force of gravity either exerted or experienced by a body of matter. The moon remains in orbit around Earth under the influence of the gravity that Earth's mass creates. On the other hand the gravity created by the mass of the moon creates the tides on Earth.
    • There is also in physics the concept of atomic mass, which is at the heart of the atom and as such comprises both inertial and gravitational masses.
    • Finally mass is also energy in physics in accordance to Einstein famous equation E = mC2, in which E is energy, m is the mass of a material object and C is the speed of light.

The object of this page

This web page concerns the latter, which is mass allegedly found at the heart of matter's atom and considered to be energy.
There are good reasons for which our human mental concept of mass, as defined in science, does not exist in reality.
One of these reasons is explained in details in this very website, just click: explain why there is no mass in matter.

Yet as explained next, Einstein's E = mC2 equation itself can be used to show that mass doesn't exist in reality!
Even though that has some shortcomings, the scientific literature twists Einstein's equation in such a way that the mass m appearing within it becomes magically energy E rather than mass; and that in effect dismisses the concept of mass.
And to corroborate, the 4th of July 2012, scientists at CERN announced they discovered, at the energy level where it is supposed to be, the Higgs boson that in the Standard Model represents mass. Experimentally justifying (at a high degree of confidence) our human pretense that mass exists, yet under the form of energy rather than mass.
In the following I expose science of physics and gravimotion differences, and I end up doing my own twisting, which is much more commendable as it doesn't have any shortcomings, yet through which the concept of mass is now definitely dismissed.

Science's background and gravimotion's background

In the world of physics there are space, time, space-time, and within all that there are particles matter and 4 particles forces.
Particles force and space-time curvature have the ability to move particles matter, and as such motion is an elusive entity; simply speaking motion doesn't belong to that list: space, time particles matter and forces.

By contrast, in the gravimotion world motion takes over, and altogether replaces, all of physics concepts of space, time, space-time and fields.
In the gravimotion world, the fabric of gravitational and electrical fields is motion; and the fabric of a particle matter is both gravitational and electrical; particle matter ends up indirectly made of motion themselves!
As such the motion of any particle matter and of any body of matter is integral part of its very nature that is motion; the motion of any particle matter involves either its gravitational motion or electrical motion fundamental fabric.

The following 3 sections, launched within physics world and ingredients (that are speed, mass and energy), lands straight into the gravimotion world of motion in which neither mass nor energy exist!

Through a very simple process, mass mysteriously disappears in science physics, and is turned into energy

The following can be read in the scientific literature.
The speed of light C in vacuum is in physics a universal constant.
As such selecting an appropriate unit system, C can be chosen as C=1.
Now C2=1 and Einstein's equation E = mC2 is reduced to (mass) m = E (energy).
Mass mysteriously disappears under our very human eyes! Mass, which is expressed originally in kilograms (in the SI system), becomes energy expressed in Joules; no physical process needed, no mathematical demonstration, a mere human brain is sufficient to perform physical transformations in science! Yet science gets right back on its feet, this nevertheless led to the discovery that mass is atomic energy.

Rebuttal to the argument that mass is energy

Identifying mass to energy doesn't make sense, as mass is energy's very anti-entity!
Inertial mass very essence, through Newton's second law, is to impede acceleration.
Mass physically inert is the anti-dote of energy.

Besides from gravimotion's point of view, Einstein's equation is now limping out of balance!
As shown next mentally making C=1 does not eradicate out of reality the motion reality that makes of mC2 a kinetic energy.

Here is a different logic, emphasizing motion over both mass and energy

Because dynamic, the factor C2 is better adapted at playing the role of energy than mass will ever do.
The following has to be taken in consideration though:
  1. The term C2 is not coincidental to light energy; light energy is found in the frequency of light and not in light own speed C.
  2. C in C2 should not be considered as a speed of an object having the speed of light, which is forbidden in physics; C in C2 is simply a speed defined as the ratio of a length (the wavelength of a light wave) over a time (the period of the same wave).
    Even though it cannot be reached, this C speed is coincidental to a real motion that of light.
It can be
shown mathematically

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that a speed squared v2 is equivalent to a temperature Θ (read theta); and a temperature is none else than energy, as heat which is a transfer of energy is also a transfer of temperature; as such we can write Θ = E.
Getting back then to E = mC2, we can write E = Θ = mC2.
And to keep Einstein's equation balanced unit-wise, because C2 (a speed squared) is equivalent to temperature-energy Θ, the factor mass m must be demoted to a number without units.
All in all m, which we call mass ends up being a unit less number m.
The equation E = m C2 has now the advantage to be balanced unit-wise, over the equation m = E, which unit-wise is oddly limping out of balance.

The alleged mass atomic energy becomes motion atomic energy, just as it manifests itself when liberated!
There is no mass in the atom! Mass is an illusion of our minds!
The unit-less factor m in the equation is nevertheless used to count the number of fundamental elements (neutrons and protons) constituting matterial objects.
There is only motion in the atom, and that leads us right back to gravimotion's interpretation of Nature as introduced in "gravimotion's background" above.


The dynamic factor C2 is by far better adapted, than the inert mass m, to account for the energy in Einstein's equation.
The side effect of this new interpretation is that mass doesn't exist and is an illusion of our minds!
As a consequence the answer to the question: what is mass? is that mass is only a word of the English language!

At the origin of this interpretation of Einstein famous equation is gravimotion interpretation of Nature.
Actually in gravimotion, both energy and mass are considered to be fictitious and have no physical collateral!
On the other hand while ignored in physics, motion is real in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.

For a full treatise on gravimotion click:

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