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The conservation of energy law
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Maxwell Was a Genius!
The Entropy law
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Gravimotion's point of view

The origin of the
Quantum Theory

The concept of entropy, for sure imaginary (see previous pages), and which furthermore doesn't include gravity, is at the base of a new world, which obviously doesn't include gravity, and which is as a matter of consequence necessarily ‘imaginary’. That new world is the quantum theory.

Even though the origin goes back to Clausius, Max Planck is the father of the quantum theory.
In 1900 Planck was working on the radiation of black bodies, the study of which posed a number of problems to the scientists of the time. Physics then, so called now classical physics, could not explain the experiments.
Planck in a desperate effort decided to use the statistical mathematics of entropy. To his own surprise the mathematics was a perfect match with reality. Yet along the way he had to introduce the concept of energy quantum; without the energy quantum the theory did not work, and it remains so to this day.

A few years later Einstein extended the concept of quantum of energy; he explained the photo-electric phenomenon, in which light rays expel electrons out of a material, arguing that light is made of packets of energy and the photon was born.
In the meantime a number of discoveries were made about the atom and sub atomic particles. Specifically Bohr and a number of other highly gifted scientists had come up with a set of discrete numbers called quantum numbers to represent the atom

Everything fitted together, from all branches of physics, to make the so-called quantum theory take off. A theory, which nevertheless first ends up based on the elusive concept of entropy, and which furhermore is ignoring the reality of gravity.

Gravimotion’s point of view

Nobody denies the successes of the quantum theory.
The predictions made by the quantum theory are countless and verified experimentally.
And verified predictions are in physics the criteria of truth.

In spite of this the quantum theory doesn't satisfy this author, and by the way some of the greatest physicists either state they do not believe it, as Planck and Einstein did while others such as Feynman claim that it is incomprehensible; in the latter case one must abandon common sense and logic in favor of its haphazard opposite.

A haphazard aspect of the quantum theory is as follows. Even though all parameters needed to predict the dynamics of a particle in a specific situation are known, the quantum theory cannot predict in which of two slots that particle will travel until the particle actually chose a slot.

The quantum theory, determinism and human freedom

For some of us human beings that aspect of the theory, in which a particle is not mandated to do what it is going to do, before it did it, fits our human freedom; that uncertainty in their eyes is proof that we are truly free from determinism.

According to this writer that unexpected connection to one of our human deeper mental aspiration might be the biggest contributor to the success of the quantum theory!

Let it be known that this writer doesn’t find it degrading to react according to its own cells and molecules and DNA!
It doesn’t bother this author to be driven by its own material constitution only!
This writer actually finds some comfort knowing that its own decisions are determined by the reality of its material body and brain and not the result of mere chance!
In short this writer is proud of the constitution and layout of its own DNA, the engine of his ideas!

Besides, our human freedom, when we can enjoy it, is carried out through liberty and not uncertainty!
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Who are we to claim that that entropy idea of ours is ruling the physical world?
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