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Heat and Work are equivalent in the Physical World

Joule proved experimentally that heat and work are equivalent; heat energy can be transformed in work energy and vice versa without loss of energy.
Gravimotion's interpretation of nature, which deals exclusively with motion, complies fully with this interpretation.
The chaotic motion of its molecules carries out the warmth of a hot body; the coordinated motion of its molecules carries out the overall motion of the same body of matter.
In gravimotion the accrued motion of a single molecule within a body of matter being heated is equivalent to the accrued motion of a single molecule within the same body of matter being accelerated.

Through the motion of the molecules, heat and work energies are physically equivalent.

Entropy throws a Monkey Wrench into the works of Physics

In the science of physics the entropy law is set independently of the individual motion of the molecules, which motion is then fast forgotten.
Entropy is based on the transfer of heat energy.
Yet because transfer of heat always occurs from hot to cold, and because it never occurs in reverse, heat energy is now declared to be a degraded form of energy.
As a consequence of entropy and its associated degraded form of energy concept, heat is no longer equivalent to other forms of energy; heat can no longer be equivalent to work energy.
While departing somewhat from Joule's experiments interpretation, entropy nevertheless ends up predominating in physics.
As an example entropy justifies the arrow of time in physics.
Entropy is also the pillar on which is built the quantum theory; entropy has been used by Planck, in conjunction with the concept of energy quantum, which he invented, to give birth to the quantum theory.
Entropy in physics even allows to predict the fate of the universe. Because the universe is a closed system in physics, and because the entropy of all closed systems increases, the universe is doomed to end up in thermal equilibrium, in which there is no more action or reaction and all is dull.

In my opinion entropy is dubious in that it has been "thought" forgetting all about gravitation, or "designed" without considering gravitation. How can we imagine the universe is going to obey the entropy law and end up in thermal equilibrium not taking in account the phenomenon of gravitation?
As a matter of fact, in another interpretation of physics, the fate of the universe is exclusively depending on its total mass and the action of gravity. Forgotten is the entropy in that other interpretation! In that other scheme the universe will expand forever, or reach a stagnant state or end up in a big crunch! Entropy contradicts those calculations.
This is another duality of physics mathematics, for which physicists forgive themselves so easily!
Rarely do I let myself being openly contentious but I have to, once in a while; bringing into the open physics questionable points, in my mind counterbalances the systematic denial of gravimotion by physicists.
Please forgive me! Actually I highly respect physics science!
Not only that, I also highly respect all scientists past and present, even though most sulk away gravimotion.

Gravimotion and Entropy reciprocally forbid each other

Gravimotion is exclusively based on motion.
As such the entropy concept is as irrelevant in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature as the individual motion of a specific molecule is irrelevant in physics entropy law!

Note that gravimotion being exclusively based on the physical phenomenon of motion, is a submissive interpretation of Nature.
Physics' entropy is the opposite, frankly arrogant with respect to Nature!
Entropy has no physical collateral; no unit has been assigned to entropy; and to corroborate entropy, which is expressed in terms of energy and temperature, cannot even be measured.
How dare we pretend that a non physical invention of our minds namely entropy is actually ruling the world?

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Who are we to claim that that entropy idea of ours is ruling the physical world?
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