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The conservation of energy law
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Maxwell Was a Genius!
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Entropy and the Quantum Theory
Gravimotion's point of view

Entropy precisely defined

Boltzmann redefines Entropy

Considering the temperature of an isolated body that is an isolated system of molecules animated by chaotic motion:
Ludwig Boltzmann (1844-1906) merging both Clausius and Maxwell ideas stated that the apparent chaotic motion of the molecules could be ignored provided one considers the entropy of the system.

The two Thermodynamics laws

Boltzmann stated there were two laws of thermodynamics:
  1. The energy conservation law, a qualitative rule (first page of this essay).
  2. The entropy law:
    An isolated system in a given state will get to a more probable state, until it reaches thermodynamic equilibrium.
The entropy law provides the dynamics on how things occur in time.
Because the 1rst law works as well backward in time as it does along time, the 2nd law is mandatory in physics.
The entropy law, are we told, mandates things to happen along the arrow of time.

Gravimotion's point of view

The entropy law diverts science from the real target

At the very heart of this real matter, is the chaotic motion of the molecules of an isolated body.
Because they cannot be described mathematically, and because Maxwell statistics offers the opportunity to sidestep the individual motions of the molecules, these motions are simply dropped, deliberately ignored and finally forgotten in physics' entropy law.

Averaging the motions of the molecules is stepping away from the solution, which resides in the motion of the molecules; it introduces a lack of precision that is an hindrance intrinsic to the theory, which doesn't exist in the nature of Nature! The entropy law misses the real target.

Entropy is nevertheless mandatory, it justifies the arrow of time in physics

Physicists claim the entropy law compels things to happen along time; it justifies the arrow of time which is real in physics.
The point of view of gravimotion is that time (should it exist) would occur within the motion of a single molecule. One does not need to integrate the individual motions of the molecules into the statistical concept of entropy to justify (should it exist) time.

Most importantly, the entropy law is stricken with a fundamental flaw

The entropy law concerns an isolated system in which the motion of the molecules is controled by their number per unit volume and in which gravity plays no role whatsoever.
When applied to the universe, in which gravity is integral part, the entropy law cannot possibly provide a correct answer.
Amazingly, physicists today appear baffled by the fact that the quantum theory, which is based on the entropy concept, doesn't include gravity!
Even though no physicist reads these pages, this is for physicists: please open your eyes!

Physics and gravimotion have differing goals

Physics' theories do yield valuable information about Nature.
Physics is beneficial in that its MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS do match EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS in specific cases, and allow for APPLIED PHYSICS in specific cases as well as.

Even though specific descriptions that apply to specific situations end up being exquisitely accurate and efficient, this writer thinks that physics' diverse procedures prevent physics from describing things in a unified way.

There is at least another interpretation of Nature, which doesn't use the concept of entropy and which describes things in a unified way, and that is gravimotion. Gravimotion on the other hand does not yield, and by far, as much tangible applications as physics does...

The greatest physicists claim that physics quantum theory cannot be understood and that physics main goal is to make predictions. Planck and Einstein even frankly thought that the quantum theory did not fit the reality of Nature.
Gravimotion main goal is simply to make sense of Nature.
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Who are we to claim that that entropy idea of ours is ruling the physical world?
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