I assume the idea that motion is the building bloc of the universe (§8.5)

While considering motion is behind everything that moves is a childish idea, nobody seems to have considered it.
Here is the outcome of my own thinking and imagination:
  1. To start with I discovered the fabric of gravitation is motion; radial-activity is the most appropriate name I could find for it.
    I first published the idea in 2001 on www.thetruthofthematteris.com an internet site that I dropped since.
    Even though now I think that is the evidence, it took me a long time before realizing gravitation is motion.
    The reason for such a delay is no doubt physics' interpretation; in science gravitation is force or space-time curvature that is anything but motion.
    In 2007 I introduced at Wikipedia the idea that gravity is motion in an article labeled Gravimotion; it has been swiftly denounced as "....just crankish nonsense! " I have been asked to remove it myself, which I have done.
    Such violent reaction evidently shook me, yet somehow that did not deter my resolve!
  2. Then I discovered the fabric of space is motion in the occurrence of a Gaussian distribution, which I call pure-activity.
    Because pure-activity's motion occurrence replaces both space and time that is not science’s physics interpretation either; in science according to Michelson Morley famous experiments of the 1890’s space is empty but at same time space is also full of frantic energy according to quantum theory.
    While denying Michelson Morley lack of "aether", a theory still in force in physics, gravimotion's interpretation of space, in which both space and time are replaced by motion, is in the spirit of the quantum theory (also in force in physics!).
  3. As a consequence of 1. and 2. above, I was led to think that radial-activity (gravitation) is but a specific and dynamic format of pure-activity (the motion activity that dislodges both space and time and also space-time). In short radial-activity (gravitation) is integral part of pure-activity.
    Again that is far from physics' interpretation: in science the force of gravity emanates out of material bodies and not out of space; and space-time curvature (relativity general theory) is also an effect of material bodies.
    To be unambiguous, in gravimotion any material particle (that is radial activity) is the effect of pure-activity; any material particle first rose out of physics space-time.
  4. And here is now a discovery of mine I am myself most amazed about: the motion of material particles and material objects is a modified occurrence of their very radial-activity (science concept of surrounding gravitation), a modification given the name gravimotion.
    As such the motion of material bodies is also integral part of pure-activity, and I show below (section 8.) that that gravimotion interpretation of motion constitutes the physical entity backing up Eisntein mathematical relativity.
    That is nevertheless not physics' interpretation: in science motion is defined in terms of distances and time (speed) and also in terms of positions as a function of time within reference systems (trajectory); in science motion occurs within space and time instead of being integral part of pure-activity's (space-time) very motion.
  5. I discovered another evidence light waves are pure motion riding pure-activity, just as sound waves ride air molecules Gaussian motion.
    While moving (at light speed) and having no mass, even in science light is pure motion! Yet that evidence is definitely not physics' interpretation; in science light is at same time electromagnetic field and particle photons; light is famous for its non-sense duality in science.
  6. I figured out that light intensity can be made of individual waves emitted by individual electrons and doesn't need to be made of individual photons.
    Re-uniting light's preposterous duality contradicts (somewhat) physics' interpretation; the photon mathematical characteristic the frequency has been borrowed from the wave; actually, because of its frequency definition, the photon's is but an integral part of the wave. The difference that distinguishes light mathematical duality from its physical unity is found in the loss of intensity over distance; light wave brightness fading occurs on individual waves; the brightness fading of photons occurs only if one considers a multitude of photons.
    Only when a single photon will be found to fade away over distance that the unity of light will be rediscovered in science.
  7. Then there is this astonishing by its simplicity discovery of mine, physics’ time dilation is but the physical interaction of motion on motion.
    Or to be specific I have been the first to suggest that the overall motion of a clock is affecting its internal motion mechanism rather than affecting time as taught in physics.
    To me that is an evidence in spite of all those who have systematically been denouncing it.
  8. In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, physics' concepts of rest and reference systems are replaced by subjacent motions. It is gravimotion's subjacent motions that provide physical embodiment to physics’ time dilation.
    Yet time dilation and special relativity make one; because time dilation is but the interaction of motion on motion, special relativity is the interaction of motion on motion.
    Through his flabbergasting discovery of time dilation, Einstein led me to the discovery that relativity is motion on motion interaction. See Relativity to reality compliance for a detailed explanation.
    Besides its theoretical veracity and experimental verification, Einstein relativity does not tell us anything about Nature's so called relativity phenomenon; it does not because neither the theory nor the observations inform us on how the alteration of the motion observed is occuring, let alone the cause of that alteration; both theory and experiments only involve an observer, a reference system attached to the observer and the light that rebounded on the matter in motion observed.
    Because justified experimentally the theory ends up being also empirical. And I like to add here that reinforces my admiration for Einstein mental prowess!
    Relativity is based on observation though; observation is made by a human observer, which in mathematics becomes the reference system.
    Quantum theory is based on observation too; yet observation in quantum theory is the measure performed by a human being; the measure in quantum mathematics becomes the collapse of the wave function.
    Because Natural Laws existed before human observation, whether performed in the name of relativity or quantum theory, and because Natural Laws will continue to be enforced in 10 billion years when human races have long disappeared, gravimotion goal is to unveil the mechanisms behind physics observations and equations, mechanisms that are no doubt independent of human observations and equations.
  9. In gravimotion the radial activity of a material subatomic particle extends to the core or to the very center of the particle; radial activity replaces both our concepts of mass and gravity.
    Yet that radial-activity (the fabric of a subatomic particle) is highly concentrated motion as compared to pure-activity (fabric of space).
    That profusion of motion density and its gradient act (in gravimotion interpretation of Nature) as the electrical characteristic of the particle.
    In short the fabric of a subatomic particle electric charge and surrounding electric field is a graded density of motion; that is not physics' interpretation: in science there is no physical constitution of electric charge; electric charges are taken for granted, period.
  10. And as a consequence of § 9. above, our human concept of mass on one hand and our human concept of charge on the other, both make one in the physical reality of subatomic particles.
    That is not part of physics; in science both our human concepts of mass and electric charge are kept "as is"; even though mass is immune to electromagnetic fields, the fact that the mass of the particle protons are accelerated at CERN by electromagnetic fields, is simply taken for granted in science.
  11. Then I discovered another evidence: the strong force is of type gravity. The evidence being right here under our very eyes in our sun in which each proton, or each nucleus, of 2 atoms of Hydrogen are fused together into 1 nucleus of Helium atom now made of 2 protons under sheer force of gravity. How do physicists dare assert that gravity has no effect at very low scales?
  12. Last but not least I discovered that in a unified theory, cause and effect will have to be unified!
    Cause and effect make one in gravimotion’s definition of motion, which merges altogether physics concepts of energy, force, speed and velocity.
    I guess cause and effect have a long life span ahead of them in physics, as their unification might be judged (of course other than from my point of view) as crankish nonsense...
  13. Then, after all this, it took me almost a year to prove that there is a reason behind the quantum behavior of entangled pairs of electrons.
    After all, God could play dice, He would coordinate His hand angle, hight and speed as to win big on each throw!