A new look at matter, empty of mass (§4.2)
The masses are not represented on the figures of previous section. And the cloud of MOs making the proton coincides to physics positive field surrounding it.
One may explain all this in terms of mass, electric charge and a number of forces as done in the science of physics. Yet it is much simpler to do it in terms of motion alone as done in this treatise.
Size of subatomic particles (§4.2.1)
Mentally enlarging the size of an atom to that of a football field, the size of the mass within the nucleus in the center would be that of an orange, and the size of the mass within the peripheral electrons would be reduced to pinheads! Because mass within the atom is confined to its subatomic particles, the volume of an atom and at larger scale the volume of matter for all purposes is empty of mass!
Another aspect of mass in physics is weight of material objects, measured and interpreted as a force. But that force has nothing to do with the integrity of matter, and is not considered to be a fundamental part of matter in gravimotion.
The word integrity here doesn't have physics' mathematical definition; it simply means that the whole of an object is maintained as is or remain integral under normal motion, pressure and / or elongation.

An atomís integrity, and on larger scales matterís solidity have nothing to do with mass!
As such and that is the case in physics too, either graded-activity (electrical forces in physics) or radial-activity (the force of gravity in physics) or both, only maintain matterís solidity and resistance to elongation.

The denying of mass in gravimotion (§4.2.2)
On the 4th of July 2012, physicists at CERN announced they dicovered a new particle, which is likely a Higgs boson, and which plays the role of mass in physics' so called standard model.
In spite of that discovery
mass is a concept disregarded
In science there are entities that are nonphysical entities! Inertia and entropy are 2 of them.

In physics there even is mathematics proving the nonexistence of space even though space, which has volume, has to be made of something! The mathematics associated to the Michelson Morley experiment of the 1890ís, is proving "beyond any doubt" that space is empty, or that the reality of space is nonexistent! Yet newer mathematics associated to newer experiments are proving also "beyond any doubt" that space now called quantum vacuum is anything but empty and is instead full of frantic energy. Amazingly and to this day physicists nevertheless hold firm onto these 2, physically incompatible, mathematical models of space.
For lack of existence of the former, the quantum vacuum necessarily wins in the real world; mathematics associated to the Michelson Morley experiment though, and also mathematics associated to the photon translation and the photon itself may be correct mathematically but are certainly not a true model of reality!

Keeping that in mind, and in view of our human pretense that mass exists, while that experiment about the Higgs boson announced the 4th of July 2012 is no doubt valid, I feel no guilt doubting about its mathematical interpretation as being the proof that mass exists.
In gravimotion our concept of mass is considered to be as fictitious as inertia with which it makes one by the way, and as fictitious as the emptiness of space!
in gravimotion. As just mentioned, graded and radial activities are sufficient to explain the effects of matter in the real world.
Radial-activity on grand scale (§4.2.3)
When a great number of subatomic particles are assembled through atoms and molecules to constitute a coin (as in the previous illustration) or any material object such as your own body, or the Earth or a meteorite falling onto Earth, the radial-activities of the object's particles overlap, and pile-up into large, sometimes huge, radial-activity heap occurrences!
Because the whole of Earth's gravity acts on my body, I am confronted with the reality that a single proton from a single atom from the opposite side of Earth is acting on my body!
Such a small proton particle, acting across roughly 8000 miles, and even having an effect onto the moon thayt is much farther, has indeed an awesome ability (yet empirically real)!
Physics mathematics simplifies reality replacing all of Earth subatomic particles with a single number called mass, which while extremely efficient even elegant, is nevertheless silencing or hiding the awesome ability of Nature.
In gravimotion a proton (from Earth) closer to me (under contact with my feet) must act much more on my body that a proton from the other side of Earth. That is true in physics too, but the mathematics found a way around, altogether avoiding the dilemma. And the dilemma is not in the averaging that obviously is working mathematically, but in the concrete form of action of a tiny proton across huge distances.
The solution has to be in the motion-inclination that makes radial-activity, as the effect of radial-activity and not motion density is at play, while mass is non-existent.