Light wave-activity and model (§3.2)
In the 1800's Thomas Young has shown that while they are traveling in straight lines from Sun to Earth, so called light rays, are actually transmitting themselves as waves. Light being also
pure motion (§1.2)
Abstract of subject:
Light is proof that motion occurs independently of matter, is self-sufficient and furthermore physical (§1.2)
Because it has no mass and because it is moving from our Sun to Earth, light is pure motion!
Pure motion that is motion without mass, light is proof first that motion occurs then that motion is self-sufficient.
Because it heats our skin and stimulates our retinas, light is furthermore physical!
Light, in addition, is proof that motion is physical.
wave model of sound waves §2.4
Sound wave illustration reminder:
Model of sound; wave activity (§2.4)
   Sound wave over Maxwellian motion
, which excludes matter, is most appropriate!
Light wave
Light wave
In order to distinguish light from sound, the model of light waves on your right is drawn with motion quanta and not with MOs, even though the reality involves a mixture of both MQs and MOs.
Not represented on the model, for instance, are the motion-occurrences at the peaks of the wave coinciding to the merging of motion quanta there.
Bring your mouse pointer over the illustration to make it live.
For your information gravimotionís light pure motion interpretation, is not science interpretation far from it! As a reminder light in science, is at same time an electromagnetic wave, as described by Maxwell 4 equations and a particle introduced by Einstein and called photon; the 2 making the duality of light, a mathematical duality in physics famous for its collateral non sense in the real world.
Light waves transmit themselves through MQs and MOs overlaps and combinations, and transparent matter when in the way, for instance a window, is merely slowing down the translation.
Two evidences come to light (so to speak!):
  1. The translation of light is not absolutely absolute! Light translation depends definitely on the background constitution it is travelling on.
  2. The physical constitution of space continues to exist even when overlapped by matter such as transparent glass; simply because light travels on the physical constitution of space and that light furthemore travels through matter such as transparent glass.