Motion quantum introduction (§1.6)
A motion-occurrence that coincides to the fastest motion that occurs in reality is per definition a motion quantum in gravimotion or MQ in short; it is represented with a broken line that has nevertheless the volume of the line.
Motion quantum
Moving motion quantum
A motion quantum represents in gravimotion the highest thrust (
Subject §1.4 summary:
Motion occurrence
Motion-thrust definition
The elongation of a MO represents the liveliness of the motion illustrated, and is given the name motion-thrust.
Motion-thrust is motion's quintessence.
Motion-thrust has nothing in common with speed, as a speed is expressed with ingredients (distance and time) that are extern to motion.
) with which motion might occur, and as such a MQ might be faster than physics light speed, should motions faster than light occur in reality.
Supposing that no real motion occurs faster than light though, then the MQ represented coincides to the translation of light.

There is only one type of quantum in gravimotion, the motion-quantum.
The motion-quantum has a huge motion-thrust; there is no small motion quantum as quanta may be in physics.
A gravimotion's MQ has furthermore an inclination (
Subject §1.5 summary:
A motion-occurrence doesn’t have a direction in space but an internal inclination.
Because a motion-thrust has always an inclination, motion inclination and thrust make one.
Just as physics' force is a vector and not a scalar, motion inclination and thrust are unified in gravimotion.
); an MQ is not a scalar as are energy and energy quantum in physics.
And gravimotion's MQ, while having only one value that of light, cannot be divided.

In gravimotion slower motions are occurring through combinations of MQs; and combinations of MQs never end up in faster motions than that of a single MQ.
That departs greatly from physics philosophy in which a greater speed may be obtained by adding 2 slower speeds.

The motion-quantum is at the base of everything in gravimotion.
You might object that these MQs exist in my mind only and are fiction.
But gravimotion's motion-quantum for sure occurs in reality because per definition it coincides to the reality of light's motion
Subject §1.2 recollection:
Light is proof that motion occurs independently of matter, is self-sufficient and furthermore physical
Because it has no mass and because it is moving from our Sun to Earth, light is pure motion!
Pure motion that is motion without mass, light is proof first that motion occurs then that motion is self-sufficient.
Because it heats our skin and stimulates our retinas, light is furthermore physical!
Light, in addition, is proof that motion is physical.