Gravimotion Introduction
In "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica" Newton wrote that the equations he provides had to be correct as they match physical measurements. He insisted though that he was telling us nothing about the basic nature of gravitation. And because we ignore the basic nature of both space and time, Einstein's space-time equations tell us nothing about the basic nature of gravitation either.
Because free-fall is motion, the fabric of gravity is motion, hence the word gravimotion.
Gravimotion is an accelerated motion toward a center of gravity; it becomes a restricted motion felt by your own body under you feet when you are standing up.
Physics equations concerning light (called electromagnetic fields in science), which do match physical experiments, have to be correct. Yet again physics' mathematics provides no clue as to the physical constitution of an electromagnetic field; we human have no idea on what distinguishes in space the physical entity that is behind a gravitational field from the physical entity that is behind an electromagnetic field.
Because light is moving and has no mass the fabric of light is pure motion in gravimotion interpretation of Nature.
And light's pure motion is constant; it is the maximum motion that may occur, and that pure motion is travelling in straight lines when not deviated by a mirror for instance.
  1. Based on a single ingredient that of motion only, gravimotion unlike physics is a unified interpretation of Nature. Considering their fabric that is pure motion-activity, both light and gravity are united in a grand unified manner; by contrast the conventional scientific interpretations of light rays and force of gravity are 2 distinct and foreign entities having no common ground whatsoever.
  2. Gravimotion, which is based on motion, rests on bare reality. Did you ever ask yourself what the string of the string theory could be made of? Unlike physics' mathematical string, motion is real; anyone knows what motion is.
Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature departs from the conventional interpretation given to physics mathematics.
Yet, while providing a new interpretation to physics mathematics, gravimotion rarely questions physics mathematics.
The interpretation of Michelson Morley experiment of the late 1890's is denied right here.
The interpretation per se is denied; both mathematics and experiments on the other hand are undeniable!
According to the worded interpretation of these experiments and mathematics, space is absolutely empty, there is no "aether".
And in the following century physicists came up with the concept of "quantum vacuum", perfectly empty too. Yet somehow out of this empty space physical particles are haphazardly popping out.
Gravimotion denies this worded interpretation; gravimotion is in the spirit of a somewhat modified quantum theory in which the "quantum jitter" does exist and the particles are popping out of frantic energy embodying space time.

In actuality Michelson Morley experiments prove that the speed of light is absolute; the experiments do not prove anything else!
The experiments show that the speed of light is altered neither by the motion of its source nor by the motion of the receiver sensor; these are the characteristics of absolute speed and do not prove anything else as shown below.
Absolute speed is no proof there is no substrate or no "aether" as concluded then and acquiesced by everybody since...
Absolute speed is a characterisitic of all waves, including sound waves.
Proof that the speed of sound waves is absolute is that a supersonic plane catches-up the sound it emits, showing that sound waves travel at a speed independent of the motion of their source.
The speed of sound is just as absolute as the speed of light... sound waves nevertheless travel thanks to a medium, the air!
Absolute speed does not mandate a lack of medium.

In this essay, light is considered to be a wave travelling within an "aether", which is instead occurring as motion.

Here are 2 thoughts departing from conventional interpretation:.
Because motion takes over everything, rather than living in time, you and I are living in motion the present mo(ve)ment!
Then no matter how fast or slow, because it distinctly occurs, the present mo(ve)ment is finite; yet because the present mo(ve)ment renews itself over and over, because it has no beginning and no end, it is infinite; the present, which occurs outside our minds, unifies (outside our minds) these 2 incompatible mental concepts of ours that are finite and infinite! In reality (outside our minds and mathematics) the finite and the infinite make one.
Motion is given a new, specific meaning in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
In this treatise the meaning of the word motion is consequential, among other things, to Einstein's time dilation or to the discovery by Einstein that time is not universal as explained next.
The time given by any clock, rather than flowing at a rate shared by all clocks of the world, is instead dependent on the clock's motion relative to the observer. When a clock doesn't move with respect to the observer, it runs at the very same rate as that observer's wrist-watch; should a clock be embarked in a plane and fly away, that clock provides an observer on Earth a different time than that of its wrist watch.
And the physical experiments corroborate the theory; time is dependent on motion (called relative speed in science and experiments).
Unfortunately the definition of speed (relative speed), motion's archetype in science, has been defined prior to Enstein theory in the opposite way!
Speed, in the formula: v = distance/time (miles or kilometers per hour), is a function of time .
In the real world it is the opposite, time is a function of motion, motion rules time! In my opinion the concept of speed is inappropriate and in all of this treatise I use the word motion and shun the word speed; this is my way to put aside the conflict that exists between our human concept of relative speed and the reality of motion.

In addition there is an interpretation of time dilation disconcerting by its simplicity; whether mechanical or atomic, there is always a clockwork mechanism running within a clock.
For a moment please make abstraction of the time given by a clock and consider that a clock is but a clockwork that is nothing else than a mechanical or electrical or atomic motion mechanism internal to the clock; my interpretation of these time dilation experiments is that the motion of the plane that carries the clock under investigation alters the very internal motion mechanism of that clockwork rather than time.
As a general rule, in gravimotion, a larger motion may alter a lesser motion embedded within it; motion has the ability to accelerate/decelarate motion.
In science force and not motion creates acceleration; in science speed is but a mere effect of force; both appellations relative-speed and motion-relativity bolster the elusive aspect associated to motion in science.
In gravimotion motion is real and has thrust; gravimotion's motion is a remote cousin of our mental concept of momentum.
Motion, in gravimotion, dislodges then abolishes our human concept of force.

By the way a nice byproduct of this interpretation, in which time is replaced by motion, is that our human concept of time is now part of that grand unified interpretation introduced above.
Space, gravity, light rays, time and Einstein's space-time are observations and concepts, occurring all under an identical fabric that is motion.
Convention adopted in this Treatise:
Physics mathematics are undeniable. Gravimotion interpretation of Physics Mathematics though differs totally from Science interpretation of its own mathematics; in the following all that is about physics worded interpretation of its own theories, is printed in blue.
Printed in black on the other hand is gravimotion's interpretation of Nature (coinciding to Physics mathematics), the subject of this treatise. When reading black text, you are within a non conventional mental environment that of gravimotion, yet fitting Physics mathematics and Nature.
Italics, whether in blue or in black, highlight definitions, summaries and fundamentals.

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Gravimotion primer:
Inertia is not a physical entity!
Entropy is not a physical entity!
Our human concept of time is not a physical entity!
Everything that occurs is certain, there is nothing uncertain!
Nonlocality is fiction!